For the last 20 years singer, guitarist, and songwriter Gillie Nicholls has been performing and recording her own songs. She released her first solo album, Spirit Talk, prior to joining the The Albion Band. Whilest with the Albion Band Gillie wrote songs with Ashley Hutchings and recorded two albums: - Before Us Stands Yesterday and Happy accident.

After leaving the Albion Band to pursue a solo career along came her second album, Vital Signs, which encompassed a collection of sessions recorded with Neil Simpson, Steve Rodford, Andrew Cleyendert, and John Etheridge. The song 'Free' from this album was taken up and used by the Body Shop, on top of this on a personal level the track 'Song for Sonia' written for Sonia Gandhi in memory of her husband Rajiv Gandhi opened up a link with India that remains with her to this day.

Gillie's third album 'True Train' is a collaboration with Tim Harries featuring performances by Charlie Beresford and Joel Harries. They decamped in Charlie's studio in late 2009 to embark on a process that saw Gillie explore new ways of working with Tim's musical force and Charlie's studio production nudging her songs onto a new and powerful platform.

Alongside her recording career Gillie is a professional vocal coach and potter who paints and writes poetry.